Blue passion

It was born in 2018 from the passion of a young man, Francesco Di Marco, for the sea and for boating.

It all begins, without any project and no particular purpose, from the pleasure of taking guided boat trips along the coasts of Trappeto and Terrasini and subsequently along the coast of the Gulf of Castellamare to the Zingaro nature reserve. In addition to the love for the sea and for boating, the passion for boating sport fishing has also contributed to the birth of this activity.

Subsequently, thanks to the satisfaction shown by local customers and tourists, the business expands with boat rental, with guided excursions with a trusted skipper in the company of aperitifs and fresh seasonal fruit and later also with boat license courses within 12 miles.

The passion for the sea and the pleasure of satisfying customers’ expectations by making them feel at ease in all respects are the engine and the push for the continuation of this activity.

Passione blu has its operational headquarters in the seaside town of Castellamare del Golfo. Our duty is your pleasure.

Contact us and together we will find the agreement that best suits your wishes. Live the sea in full relaxation with BLUE PASSION.