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The license within 12 miles is the entry level of the nautical license. Allows you to drive boats and boats up to 24 meters. and without power limits. It can be limited to controlling only motor units or, in the complete version, motor plus sail. The nautical license can be obtained from the age of eighteen, except for those who have been declared habitual, professional or tendency offenders, therefore with a criminal record. Passione blu, offers classic courses, personalized courses and online courses for obtaining the nautical license within 12 miles. The course is structured in targeted lessons. Each topic is treated in detail with end-of-topic exercises and with the projection of videos on the topics. Each lesson will consist of a maximum number of 8 students in the classroom, each of whom will have all the nautical material necessary to carry out the exercises and exam tests proposed from time to time. Finally, before taking the exams, 2 boat tests will also be carried out as an exam simulation of the third test

The exams to be taken will be:

1° exam – QUIZ – 20 questions with number of errors allowed 3 (DURATION 30 MINUTES ).

2° examination – CART – 1 nautical chart exercise (DURATION 15 MINUTES ).

3° exam – SEA TRIAL – tests to be taken while driving the boat.

The nautical license course within 12 miles can also be obtained online directly from your home with a personal tutor who will follow you throughout the entire journey. By choosing the online mode, you will receive, in addition to all the videos relating to each topic covered and the lessons in PDF format, also the material (book, quiz volume, various stationery, nautical compass and nautical chart) directly to your address.

For any other information do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to answer any of your questions.